The Royal Rangers ministry is 50 years old and many leaders have reached retirement age or have medical issues, commitments or other situations that keep them from serving as a Royal Rangers commander. Royal Rangers is now a ministry for all ages; you must be 5 years old to join the Rangers Kids program, and you must be 55 years old to join the Royal Rangers Alumni (RRA) program.

Our objective for the RRA program is to provide a method by which RR leaders (age 55 plus) may continue to serve as a vital part of the Royal Rangers Ministry. RRA provides an opportunity for leaders to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences with boys and local commanders. The RRA provides the opportunity for you to continue to be involved in Rangers as your time permits.

Many times we have made the statement that the mission of Royal Rangers is: "To Reach, Teach and Keep Boys for Jesus Christ." There are still many boys that need to be reached for Jesus Christ and you can be a vital part of reaching boys for Christ.

The RRA logo has been designed by the National Office. Shirts and matching caps are available. The RRA emblem is not to be worn on the Royal Rangers uniform.

Many Districts have already started the RRA program and RRA members are assisting their district commander with Ranger Camp, Pinewood Derby and other district activities. You do not have to retire from Royal Rangers to become a RRA member. You can have dual membership by continuing to be a member of an active outpost, section or district staff and joining the RRA. We encourage dual membership when ever possible.

It is time to “Evangelize, Equip, and Empower the next generation of Christ like men and life long servant leaders”. Royal Rangers Alumni must be a part of this mentoring!

For more information contact:
Dave Erie

(916) 835-8088