Rules and Considerations

In effect from the arrival of the first day of camp, until the departure of the last camper.

1. Family Camp will open at 7:00 am on Friday. No persons are to be at the camp before 7 am Friday.

2. Participants should strive to be in Rendezvous attire soon after arriving and throughout the camp.

3. Pre-1840 dress and gear is the era portrayed.

4. No handguns are allowed at Royal Ranger events.

5. No loaded firearms in camp.

6. No modern shelter materials will be allowed in the primitive camp area. This includes colored nylon tents, U.S. Govt. O.D. green, mountain tents, etc.

7. Avoid using Coleman or electric lanterns in the primitive areas. The only exception may be inside a lodge well hidden from view.

8. Stoves, water containers, and coolers should be kept covered throughout the camp.

9. Your fires are your responsibility. Keep them under control.

10. All fires must be in metal containers with a minimum of 2" clearance off ground.         

11. Campers will be responsible for their actions.

12. There will be a bulletin board located at the registration area. Check it for schedules and notices.

13. Absolutely NO DOGS or PETS allowed in camp.

14. Parents are responsible for the safety and well being of their children.   Please be aware of where they are and the extent of their participation in the activities of the camp.

15. All persons must be registered before being allowed to set up camp.

16. Quiet time is after the hours of 11pm. Please be courteous to those around your camp. (No music or singing please).   Many have small children that are sleeping; many others need their sleep.

17. Be aware of the events on the schedule and take advantage of all that the camp has to offer.   Events have   been scheduled to allow you to spend time with your family.   Do your best to make it a memorable experience.

The Rules and Considerations are for you, to help you know what is or is not allowable.   We hope this will provide for a trouble-free weekend and an accident-free one also.   Many people have spent a great deal of time and effort on their outfits and other gear in an effort to create an atmosphere of a primitive rendezvous.   With your cooperation we can have the best primitive camp ever.