Primitive/Modern Lodges

Tee Pees, Bakers tents, lean‑tos, and other authentic replicas will set up in the areas marked primitive. All non‑authentic tents will set up in the areas designated as modern.

Dress and Attire

Clothing should be primitive style when in the primitive area. This helps to give the camp a real feeling of the early 1800's and allows for some great pictures. Those camping in the primitive area should avoid showing modern gear as much as possible.   (We know this is tough but just do the best you can by covering non‑period type items.) Costumes will be judged Sunday morning directly after church. Look your best and you may be chosen as the best primitive dressed.

Quilt Cooperative

The ladies will be sewing a quilt together throughout the camp. You are encouraged to sew a portion of the material by hand into this project.   The quilt will be given away at some point during the camp.

Children's Activities

There will be plenty of age-related activities for the kids!


The Auction items are donated by individuals.   If you have anything you would like to donate to the Family Camp Auction, please let Bernie Stirnger know.   Moneys are used to cover the costs of Family Camp.   This is your chance to pick up some very nice items and help support the FCF at the same time.

Trading Post and Traders Row

Those wishing to trade or sell their wares should display items at their campsite. The Ranger Store will have a large Trading Post on site with lots of new items for sale.

Saturday Dessert Social

The “Saturday Dessert Social” was suggested last year, and will again be held after the evening council fire service.   This will be held at the Large Picnic area (above the council fire area, and next to the west end of the parking lot). Bring your best desserts, paper plates, fork or knife and let’s try different desserts and be sociable!

Camp Schedule will be posted upon arrival.